Rent   2 days   3 days
                 1 donkey     90 €     135 €
                2 donkeys    185 €     255 €



   col_batere   groseille_batee

1st day: Departure from Los Masos de Valmanya to a pass above of balcon of Canigou. Cross de magnific open fields and go down towards the mine site of Batère and the refuge.

2nd day: Departure from the refuge to join Rapaloum Formentère, the ancient railway used to transport iron in the past. Enjoy a exceptional view of the plains of Têt all the way to the sea. This railway will take you to the iron mines of Pinosa, an important site of the Catalan resistance.

IMG0109Ala pinosa


at the start or finish of your hike choose your night in a tipi or a bivouac area in tents

Possibility to rent camping foams and sleeping bags.